Yoenis Cespedes wants to play ‘last year of career’ in Oakland

Yoenis Cespedes started his MLB career in Oakland, and he would like it to end there, too.

The Falcons gave their new tackle $125,000 after he reached his weight goal of under 330 pounds, ESPN reported.

According to Poe’s one-year contract with Atlanta, he needed to make the weight by the start of training camp this week. He had also met his weight in June, when he was supposed to weigh 340 pounds or less.

In talking to him, he’s under the guidelines, Falcons coach Dan Quinn said. I’m happy for him to be at his best. I’m not surprised. This is a guy who handles … I mean, this guy is a pro. Whatever we’ve asked him to do, he’s done that.

Per the contract, Poe has two more weigh-ins he needs to make, which are also worth $125,000 each. For both those weigh-ins, he must maintain his weight at 330 pounds or less.

Poe signed the $8 million contract with the Falcons in March after spending five seasons with the Chiefs. He started all 16 games for Kansas City in 2016.

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