Aaron Judge and Cody Bellinger probably won’t hit 50 homers, so let’s calm down

Everybody loves dingers. The more, the merrier. Chicks dig the longball, and so forth. But let’s calm down about Aaron Judge and Cody Bellinger.

Much of the baseball world has convinced itself that Judge, the Yankees’ 11-foot-tall rookie, and Cody Bellinger, the Dodgers’ rookie who has never heard of the ’90s, are near Cheap Quality NFL Jerseys locks to reach 50 home runs this season and, at least in Judge’s case, possibly shatter the all-time rookie homer record by season’s end. What fun!

Well, I’m gonna be that guy: Let’s get real, folks. It’s unlikely that either of those things is going to happen. How do I know? Well, I don’t. Both certainly could happen, but I’m pretty sure that neither actually will.

Content companies don’t last very long when they don’t offer compelling content. You can’t just package anything related to the Rams for a platform and assume it’s palatable to audiences. Having a national television contract and a new base in one of the world’s most lucrative television markets makes it easy to forget that.

I’m not so sure the Rams understand that building a winning team makes for better, um, content. But the point of series’ final episode was that they’re at least trying.

There’s a warning in that for the entire NFL, which saw its once unstoppable ratings slide last season. The league is at least making an effort to address that, even if they are still intent on serving up subpar offerings like Thursday Night Football while consumers have limitless other entertainment options to choose from.

The second season of All or Nothing has a lot in common with those Cheap Reversible Basketball Jerseys Thursday night games. It’s palatable entertainment if you just want something football-related to watch. Otherwise, you’re better off just waiting until September for actual games to start.

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