The game makes you feel like you have to make the NFL at all costs.

For Wade, it’s either that or shoveling stuff in Texas with your high school teammates — it’s really do-or-die out here. Wade’s life isn’t perfect, his relationship with his friend isn’t always jokey and light-hearted, and even though this is a video game, not every challenge you face will wait for you to have a certain score to move on to the next level.

Analysis: This projection has the Broncos going 7-1 at home while riding their defense to road victories against Buffalo and Indy. QB Tiers voting has Denver holding an advantage at the position for only one game, a Week 14 matchup against the Jets. The question for Denver is whether the pass protection can improve enough for Trevor Siemian to move solidly into Tier 3 from his current spot atop Tier 4.

With all that said, New England does have the weapons to withstand his loss. The Patriots traded a first-round draft pick to acquire Brandin Cooks, who has experience in the slot role that Edelman excels at. They also have reliable playmakers in Rob Gronkowski, Chris Hogan, and Danny Amendola, in addition to a small army of talented pass-catching running backs (James White, Rex Burkhead, Dion Lewis).

In short, the Patriots almost have more weapons than they know what to do with, and they still have Brady Cheap NFL Jerseys throwing the ball. Edelman is a big loss, but we shouldn’t doubt Belichick’s ability to cover for big losses. As long as Brady stays Cheap Authentic Baseball Jerseys upright, the Patriots will be humming along just fine.

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