I made it clear to him in our first conversation that I would do this only if I had his commitment to my full and total independence.

GM: “In one case — Frank Thomas — an active player [whose name was not among the 89 included in the Mitchell Report] did speak to us. And there Baseball Jerseys Wholesale was another player who rejected the advice of the Players Association lawyers and hired his own lawyer who strongly recommended he come in and see us and tell us his story. We were able to check out his own story and didn’t include him in the report.

He unhesitatingly gave it, and he kept his promise. That’s to his great credit.

“Secondly, I think the evidence is clear. It’s now universally accepted, I believe, that baseball has the toughest, most effective [testing] program. It doesn’t end the problem. There isn’t any end to the problem. It’s human nature. People have cheated from the dawn of civilization, and they’re going to cheat in the future as far as there are human civilizations.

The first two criteria are self-explanatory. Manny Ramirez and Rafael Palmeiro have Hall-worthy numbers and the baggage of failed tests on their résumés. Alex Rodriguez came clean to ESPN’s Peter Gammons after he was implicated in a Sports Illustrated report in 2009, and Mark McGwire admitted guilt to Bob Costas during a 2010 televised interview. They’re all persona non grata in Cooperstown based upon Morgan’s litmus test.

That was a truly disappointing performance Saturday night in Kansas City. The Chargers simply gave away the game. They are probably the best team in a bad division. But they also are probably headed to missing the playoffs, with their 0-4 start to blame.

The Raiders shouldn’t be upset with referee Gene Steratore’s use of an index card to measure a Cowboys first down Sunday night. They should be mad at themselves for botching their final drive with QB Derek Carr’s fumble through the end zone. The Raiders remain a major disappointment, and their nonwinning season could add Coach Jack Del Rio’s employment status to the list of uncertainties Cheap NFL Jerseys engulfing the franchise.

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