NFLPA claims some language in rookie contracts violates CBA

The NFLPA may file grievances on behalf of 160 rookies because of some language in their initial NFL contracts.

The players’ union reviewed the rookie contracts and found that about 25 or 26 teams included in the deals language that is prohibited by the collective bargaining agreement.

Many are aware James was an all-state wide receiver in high school. Mark Murphy, a Packers Hall of Fame member who coached James at St. Vincent-St. Mary High School, once compared him to Jerry Rice.

“I haven’t had the chance to be around Colin too much, but the times I have he’s been great,” Wilson said (via Pro Football Talk). “Obviously, I think first of all he’s a really, really good football player. He’s made a lot of good plays in a lot of big games and done a lot of good things. I have tons of respect for him in that way.

“And then in terms of everything else he stood for, I think he was trying to stand for the right things, he was trying to stand for equality. And so I respect that too, as well. … I wouldn’t have any issue at all. As many good players as we could have, the better.”

While cutting Decker would create $5.75 million in cap space, New York’s choices for a free-agent replacement are thin at this point. It’s clear the Jets are just trying to dump his salary after cutting veteran linebacker David Harris, who was going into 11th season.

The Seahawks were the final realistic landing spot for Kaepernick in the NFL Flyers Cheap Jerseys this season. Until a key injury shakes up a depth chart, the speculation of where he still Fans Cheap Jerseys might sign can be put to rest. Now, it’s simply nowhere.

Despite age, Fred Jackson still wants to play football this season

Former Bills and Seahawks running back Fred Jackson still hopes to return to the NFL and suit up for a team in need.

Jackson, 36, has not played since carrying the ball 26 times for 100 yards during the 2015 season with the Seahawks. It seemed like his career was over, but Jackson is not ready to give up just yet.

Vick did not spend his entire career with the Falcons, but did play six seasons with the team that selected No. 1 overall in 2001. Unfortunately, his legacy is tainted by a brutal dog-fighting scandal that led to prison time for the dynamic signal caller.

Neither player will sign a contract or take a current roster spot to signify their retirement with the organization.

“We do not need a contract in place to consider them a part of our family and honor their decision to retire as a Falcon,” Blank said.

Despite an astonishing loss to the Patriots in the Super Bowl last season, the Falcons enter this season optimistic and poised to contend once again.

With Matt Ryan throwing to Julio Jones, and Devonta Freeman and Tevin Coleman manning the backfield, Atlanta should, at the very least, have one of the more explosive offenses in the league.

Sporting News reported last week that the NFL Players Association is looking beyond its immediate membership in shaping a proposal to revamp the league’s marijuana ban. The union wants to work with spouses and other family members of players to insure marijuana would be used properly for pain management.

“The disciplinary aspect of it is one thing,” union executive George Atallah Hockey Jerseys said. “But what we’re really trying to focus on is helping players get better without having Jerseys Wholesale to resort to things like Toradol and heavy opioids.”

Rex, Rob Ryan get tangled with bar patrons in Nashville

Rex and Rob Ryan went into hockey mode Sunday evening at the site of the Stanley Cup Final.

The twin brothers and ex-NFL coaches jousted with some patrons at a Nashville bar before order was restored. The reason for the scuffle isn’t known.

Rex Ryan is employed by ESPN as an NFL analyst after being fired as Bills coach late last season. Rob likewise is out of coaching after Buffalo bounced him.

Palmer has enjoyed three 4,000-yard seasons in the last four years teamed with coach Bruce Arians, and he could get to 50,000 career yards passing given a few more seasons like that. That’s the latest chapter in an up-and-down career for the former No. 1 pick.

Flacco scale: Three Flaccos. Flacco has 10 career playoff victories. Palmer has just one. We’re guessing Palmer will be ranked around the same neighborhood next year unless he adds a few more.

Tannehill is moving up the list. He finally made the postseason. Tannehill turned it on under first-year coach Adam Gase last season and won seven of his last eight starts in the regular season. We look forward to another year of Tannehill with Gase.

Flacco scale: 2.5 Flaccos. That one loss? It was to Flacco, who led Baltimore Lakers Cheap Jerseys to a 38-6 victory against Miami on Dec. 4, 2016.

We’ll have this debate until he retires. Flacco has won a Super Bowl, double-digit playoff games and had the second-most passing attempts behind Drew Brees last season. The Ravens, however, have Knock Off Cheap Jerseys missed out on the playoffs the last two seasons. Flacco can’t get hot in the postseason if he doesn’t get back to the postseason. He’s the hardest quarterback in the NFL to rank.

Falcons’ Steve Sarkisian: CC Sabathia gave me courage to go to rehab

October 2015 was a miserable time in Steve Sarkisian’s life.

The former USC football coach had just been fired after multiple relapses with alcoholism. Watching ESPN one night shortly after his termination, Sarkisian saw commentator Scott Van Pelt lauding Yankees pitcher CC Sabathia for entering rehab for his struggles with alcohol abuse. From that, he drew inspiration to try and find help for himself.

While Parks’ apology may satisfy some, others were upset he did it in the first place. Former Broncos receiver Brandon Stokely said on Twitter, “If I’m in that locker room I’m pissed. You don’t post practice on social media especially when it’s two awful plays by the [offense]!”

Parks’ teammate, defensive end Derek Wolfe, however, said it wasn’t that big of a deal: “In our eyes, it’s fake news, making something out of nothing, which is what you guys usually do.”

Even Broncos coach Vance Joseph was able to forgive his player, and was kind of thankful he did. He said the incident can be used as a teaching moment for the rest of the team as to what you can and can’t do online.

“Social media is tough. Our players do a great job with social media, kind of showing how hard they’re working and talking to our fans. That’s a positive part of social media,” Joseph said. “I think with Parks, it was innocent enough. He was trying to showcase how hard he’s working. But, he Toronto Blue Jays Cheap Jerseys can’t do it. What we do here is personal and private. But, his intent was US Cheap Jerseys not to hurt us or his teammate.”

Kearse has more in common with Jones now, as their catches came in losing efforts

Julian Edelman not only topped Jones’ brilliance two minutes later, he also set the Patriots up for the touchdown that forced overtime in New England’s 34-28 win … and had everybody in America reaching for new adjectives and superlatives to describe it.

Here’s one: it was Lynn Swann, multiplied by David Tyree, with some Jermaine Kearse stirred in.

Unfortunately, Kearse has more in common with Jones now, as their catches came in losing efforts, when their brilliant catches each led to zero points and eventual disaster. But Kearse’s snag of Russell Wilson’s pass off of a couple of tips, including his own, while falling on his back, near the end of Super Bowl 49, belongs in the Super Bowl-greatest conversation.

The Combine is only part of the preparation for Njoku, who said former teammates told him what to expect the NFL. More playbook. More film. A different type of standard. Despite an imposing physical frame, that part of the game isn’t over, either.

“I’m working on both with my power and speed,” Njoku said. “I came into Miami as a receiver, so it’s easier to say my blocking but obviously there’s things that I need to work on with running routes. They both need some serious work, but I’m far from reaching my peak.”

Njoku is on his way to joining that established Cheap Jerseys And Snapbacks Miami lineage in the NFL. After all, Olsen ranked second among tight ends with 1,073 receiving Cheap Jerseys Direct Coupon Code yards in 2016. Graham was right behind him with 923 yards. Wherever Njoku lands, he’ll be expected to produce like those other Hurricanes tight ends in the future. That’s why Njoku is an enticing first-round possibility.

NFLPA director to steer free agents away from Bears if workers’ comp law passes

NFLPA executive director DeMaurice Smith has vowed to discourage free agents from signing with the Bears should Illinois state legislators pass a law that would affect professional athletes’ eligibility for workers’ compensation.

Senate Bill 12 SA #2, which Smith says Bears owner George McCaskey is behind, would alter the state’s workers’ compensation law so that athletes would no longer be eligible for benefits once they turn 35, unless they can prove their career is expected to go beyond that. Most workers are eligible for benefits until the age of 67.

Patriots Nation will not let this go. There is zero reason to believe they will; there is zero history that suggests they can. There is always unfinished business. There is always a loose end to tie. There will always be vengeance they’ll be seeking.

They can walk away if they want.

There really are no more victories to be won. The ultimate face has now been fully rubbed in it. The situation has reached maximum gloat level. The old saying “Living well is the best revenge” has been proven conclusively. So has a newer saying: “Always stay gracious/best revenge is your paper.”

But it’s going to be a payback festival in Foxborough next September; there’s no doubt, and the build-up will be just as strong.

“A lot has transpired over the last two years, and that needs no Cheap Ireland Football Jerseys explanation,” Kraft enunciated very clearly Sunday night, with Goodell lurking nearby. Two years of venting Cheap Infant Jerseys against Goodell wasn’t expelled from the system in one night.

Bills’ Tyrod Taylor contract decision should not be difficult at all

The Bills say Tyrod Taylor has been medically cleared after his groin surgery. Now Buffalo needs to come to the realization that he remains the smartest quarterback option for the team in 2017.

Buffalo faces a big initial number if it keeps Taylor — if he’s on the roster come March 11, he will be owed $27.5 million in base salary and option bonus — but it’s not as big as you think.

Taylor also would be locked in for a total of $30.75 million guaranteed through 2018. Given the inflated market for middle-tier quarterbacks, which will take on even more hot air from Kirk Cousins’ eventual contract, that’s more like a short-term bargain for the Bills.

With enough cap space and given few legitimate options of recycled QBs, there’s no doubt the Bills can afford to keep and pay Taylor. The decision comes down to football, not finances.

Ronald Sullivan, one of Hernandez’s attorneys, said in Wednesday’s motion that his team has not been able to talk to McDaniels because of the NFL playoffs. The defense team also hopes to talk to two reporters who apparently spoke to Hernandez about his tattoos.

“If the trial proceeds as scheduled, denial of this Super Cheap Jerseys Fans motion certainly will result in a miscarriage of justice,” Sullivan wrote. “This is a highly complex case with the most serious charge of First Degree Murder, which carries a penalty of life in prison without the possibility of parole.”

That’s the same sentence Hernandez already is serving for the murder of Odin Lloyd in 2013.