Week 4 NFL picks against spread: Steelers rock Ravens; Broncos shut down Raiders

We know nothing (Jon Snow). Week 3 was the prime example of why this picks column, formerly known back in the day as the Primer, is “for entertainment purposes only.”

We took so many baths that we’ll be zestfully clean for rest of the 2017 NFL season. So let’s laugh, shake it off and get back on the donkey descending down into the depths. They also didn’t use to call his the fearless forecast for nothing.

Points spreads and odds are courtesy of Bovada. Check back for updated lines throughout the week.

But then there came the hopeful last straw, the inefficient mess in Green Bay — 21-of-33, 218 yards, TD, 2 INTS, 2 fumbles lost. His passer rating continued its steady, weekly decline from 86.8 to 67.5. That was an injury-riddled Packers’ defense, by the way, with major cornerback coverage deficiencies against which Glennon struggled. His downfield accuracy as a pure pocket passer has been pitiful.

Before Glennon’s complete meltdown, former Cowboys QB and current CBS game analyst Tony Romo laid out exactly why the Bears need to play Trubisky.

“I really believe they’re going to go to him sooner Cheap Atlanta Braves Jerseys than later,” Romo said. “I like Glennon, I just don’t know if this style fits him personally. They need a guy who can bootleg and move Cheap Authentic NBA Jerseys around.”

After the game, only one can wonder whether Glennon gave Romo anything left to like. Bears fans have seen enough, and they should hope Fox has, too. In his typical vague, coachspeak fashion, he said the team “will evaluate everything.”

he can at least keep the offense moving and stayed healthy last season

We all know about 3-1. We all know about losing a title after a 73-win regular season. We all know Curry was the first unanimous MVP. The Warriors heard all of the jokes and used them as fuel for the entire 2016-17 campaign, and they played like they had something to prove in the first three games of the NBA Finals.

But Golden State didn’t match Cleveland’s intensity out of the gates in Game 4. Complain about officiating if you want, but by the end of the game, the Warriors had shot 36 free throws to the Cavs’ 31.

That’s why defending the Warriors can sometimes feel like an impossible task. Do what is fundamentally correct, and it can lead to an open 3-pointer from the scariest shooter in NBA history. But take that option away, and one of the scariest all-around scorers in NBA history will end up with the types of shots a player of his caliber should never get on a stage as bright as the NBA Finals.

Considering the Warriors scored a league-high 2,025 points in transition this season and ranked in the 96.6 percentile with 1.21 points per possession, the Cavaliers certainly aren’t the first team to not have an answer for Durant and Curry in transition.

The good news is that Bradford is getting a full offseason with the team, working in OTAs and training camp instead of having to cram the playbook like he did last year.

While Bradford is nobody’s idea of a true franchise quarterback, he can Cheap Atlanta Braves Jerseys at least keep the offense moving and stayed healthy last season. Injuries have dogged Bradford for most of his career — he played a full 16 games just twice in seven years and missed the entire Cheap Authentic MLB Jerseys steelers_1252014 season with a torn ACL.