NFLPA director to steer free agents away from Bears if workers’ comp law passes

NFLPA executive director DeMaurice Smith has vowed to discourage free agents from signing with the Bears should Illinois state legislators pass a law that would affect professional athletes’ eligibility for workers’ compensation.

Senate Bill 12 SA #2, which Smith says Bears owner George McCaskey is behind, would alter the state’s workers’ compensation law so that athletes would no longer be eligible for benefits once they turn 35, unless they can prove their career is expected to go beyond that. Most workers are eligible for benefits until the age of 67.

Patriots Nation will not let this go. There is zero reason to believe they will; there is zero history that suggests they can. There is always unfinished business. There is always a loose end to tie. There will always be vengeance they’ll be seeking.

They can walk away if they want.

There really are no more victories to be won. The ultimate face has now been fully rubbed in it. The situation has reached maximum gloat level. The old saying “Living well is the best revenge” has been proven conclusively. So has a newer saying: “Always stay gracious/best revenge is your paper.”

But it’s going to be a payback festival in Foxborough next September; there’s no doubt, and the build-up will be just as strong.

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