NBA Summer League scores 2017: 3 big winners and 1 loser from Saturday night hoops

Another night of NBA Summer League basketball made for an emotional roller coaster that gave fans the ups and downs they’ll be in store for when the regular season rolls around in October.

Unfortunately, it was Saturday night. That means you were probably out partying, bar-hopping, in some mischief or just focused on something other than basketball. No problem, that’s what I’m here for.

The Mavericks traded for Noel as their next Tyson Chandler. Now, it’s about paying the young rim protector the money he wants before he can field lucrative offers as a restricted free agent.

Gasol opted out of a $16 million purse this season to give the Spurs financial flexibility and secure a longer-term contract for himself. The number he agrees to will affect what San Antonio can do in free agency this summer.

Andre Iguodala got his three-year, $48 million contract, and P.J. Tucker left Toronto to sign in Houston.

A lot of money was thrown around to say the least, and Kevin Durant hasn’t even re-signed with the Warriors yet (he’s expected to, though, so we didn’t include him in this list).

But that doesn’t mean there aren’t other quality players left on the board. In fact, the free agency pool is still ripe with impact players looking to latch on to a team in playoff contention.

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